1 Apr 2013

Blue Shed Crafts now has a website. A very simple website but a website non the less. It can be viewed here So what else have I been doing? I attended a small, two hour long Craft Fair in Newton Tony Near Salisbury on the 9th March but unfortunately I forgot to take my camera with me! It was held in a really pretty Memorial Hall in the village and was very well attended. My next event will be on April 27th in Warminster, Wilthire. There will be a total of thirty four stalls in all and parking is very convienient too for visitors. (Doors open at 10am Close at 4pm. Venue is the Warminster Civic Centre BA12 8LB) I've also been busy making machine knitted hats, which is why I hardly ever write my Blog these days. I've made a few things too for customers and had a few sales on etsy. My next job on my ever growing 'to do list' is to sew together football scarves (much loved,treasured and highly valued football scarves)for a customer who would like me to make two bed throws from her scarf collection. This job has been on my list for almost five (!!!) months now and so I'm making a start on that job right after the Easter break. I hope you're all enjoying some 'down time', 'family time' or simply 'me time' this Easter and recharging your batteries. Now that British Summer Time is on the clocks hopefully the weather will follow.

19 Feb 2013

I've recently made these decorative kitties which are available to purchase if you like them. The white one, below, my sister commissioned BlueShedCrafts to make as she has donated it to Ark RAIN Wildlife Sanctuary for an online auction they'll be holding on Face Book. Maybe you would like to bid for it? The bidding won't start until the weekend of 23rd February.

30 Dec 2012

Colourful, cute Cat in Crochet

I have recently purchased a copy of the pattern to make one or two of these cute, colourful kitties.
Pattern available from ATERGcrochet.etsy.com I've almost finished the first one but have put it to one side to make myself a garment. Pictures to follow soon

27 Dec 2012

Post Christmas 2012

Well it's been and gone once again and if we're fortunate enough to survive another twelve months then it will be back round again before we know it. I've already started making a few things for Christmas 2013 although I'll be packing that away soon and thinking about Easter items. I was kept busy with my regular machine knitting work in the last quarter of the year and I have been asked to make a couple of knitted Clangers
for two separate customers in January. I was very surprised by the orders but grateful for the work of course. I also have thirty five football supporters scarves to piece together to make two throws from for another customer and an order for 110 hats to machine knit and so you can see 2013 is taking off as a busy crafting year for me. Also in 2013 I wish to do more needle felting and more painted items; we'll see what I manage to get done during the course of the year. HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL of my readers. I wish you Good Health and Happiness too.

26 Sep 2012

And this is what I made for the September Craft A Long.
A tiny, needle-felted Cat on a Mat.

29 Aug 2012

September MISI Craft-a- Long

It's time to have a MISI Craft-a-Long again.
This one will run from September 1st to September 30th.
The theme is ; PETS

Most, although not all people have had a pet at some stage in their life and if you haven't been lucky enough to have a pet share your time, your life and your home then you've still possibly had a relative or a friend who has had a pet.
IDEAS; Obvious for Artists is to draw, paint, sketch a pet, or create a collage in fabrics or papers etc, mosaics, decoupage.
Knit, crochet or needle-felt a pet or make a pet bed or blanket, a cat/dog/ ferret collar or something for a pet to wear. Make a toy for a pet.
If jewellery is your thing then maybe make a pet 'remembrance' necklace or bracelet. Or earrings depicting a favourite breed of dog or cat or even of horses. Don't forget, reptiles, fish, birds and small rodents too of course!

If you are a wood worker or you paint plaques then maybe make something to hang leads from, stand pet food dishes on or a plaque to place in a garden as a remembrance. A plaque above a place where a pet sleeps; "........Sleeps Here"
Candle makers can create a candle with a beautiful fragrance which will help to rid your home of 'doggie' smells for example or maybe make a pet remembrance candle.
There should be enough to work with, within the theme of PETS for all MISI-ians to get involved.
Go on, show us what you can do!
We want you to post your pictures of the your PET themed work here, as and when it's completed or as you go along. We'll be Tweeting and sharing to the MISI pages on Face Book too.

To get involved sign up HERE

11 Aug 2012


All Mice are currently available in my Misi Shop
I knit the fabric, sew the mouse, hand stitch the eyes, nose and whiskers. Make the basket from a plastic container and decorate it, stitching and gluing various decorative bits on like ribbons, beads, sequins etc. They each take me several(enjoyable)hours to make. I hope you like them!