29 Aug 2012

September MISI Craft-a- Long

It's time to have a MISI Craft-a-Long again.
This one will run from September 1st to September 30th.
The theme is ; PETS

Most, although not all people have had a pet at some stage in their life and if you haven't been lucky enough to have a pet share your time, your life and your home then you've still possibly had a relative or a friend who has had a pet.
IDEAS; Obvious for Artists is to draw, paint, sketch a pet, or create a collage in fabrics or papers etc, mosaics, decoupage.
Knit, crochet or needle-felt a pet or make a pet bed or blanket, a cat/dog/ ferret collar or something for a pet to wear. Make a toy for a pet.
If jewellery is your thing then maybe make a pet 'remembrance' necklace or bracelet. Or earrings depicting a favourite breed of dog or cat or even of horses. Don't forget, reptiles, fish, birds and small rodents too of course!

If you are a wood worker or you paint plaques then maybe make something to hang leads from, stand pet food dishes on or a plaque to place in a garden as a remembrance. A plaque above a place where a pet sleeps; "........Sleeps Here"
Candle makers can create a candle with a beautiful fragrance which will help to rid your home of 'doggie' smells for example or maybe make a pet remembrance candle.
There should be enough to work with, within the theme of PETS for all MISI-ians to get involved.
Go on, show us what you can do!
We want you to post your pictures of the your PET themed work here, as and when it's completed or as you go along. We'll be Tweeting and sharing to the MISI pages on Face Book too.

To get involved sign up HERE

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