1 Apr 2013

Blue Shed Crafts now has a website. A very simple website but a website non the less. It can be viewed here So what else have I been doing? I attended a small, two hour long Craft Fair in Newton Tony Near Salisbury on the 9th March but unfortunately I forgot to take my camera with me! It was held in a really pretty Memorial Hall in the village and was very well attended. My next event will be on April 27th in Warminster, Wilthire. There will be a total of thirty four stalls in all and parking is very convienient too for visitors. (Doors open at 10am Close at 4pm. Venue is the Warminster Civic Centre BA12 8LB) I've also been busy making machine knitted hats, which is why I hardly ever write my Blog these days. I've made a few things too for customers and had a few sales on etsy. My next job on my ever growing 'to do list' is to sew together football scarves (much loved,treasured and highly valued football scarves)for a customer who would like me to make two bed throws from her scarf collection. This job has been on my list for almost five (!!!) months now and so I'm making a start on that job right after the Easter break. I hope you're all enjoying some 'down time', 'family time' or simply 'me time' this Easter and recharging your batteries. Now that British Summer Time is on the clocks hopefully the weather will follow.


  1. Your'e so kind thank you for your comments Rachael x

  2. Popping round to everyone on the blog list that's donated to let you know Bridge and Beyond is involved in a blogging challenge for the month of April. Would love you to visit, to read, to comment...that's all part of the challenge. Thank you for support. Even if you're not currently knitting or crocheting, or looming, the visits, reading, and commenting are helpful and appreciated.

    Sandy at Bridge and Beyond


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