1 May 2011

Last years holiday knitting

This is the knitting I took with me last year, to France. It's been years since I have followed a lace pattern and I'm OK at it but not very good as I never do it. This is about to be 'frogged' though as it is a size 16 and I am now smaller than that. As I only almost completed the back piece it's no big deal. I will re knit it though and hopefully do a better job of it too. I do need to add, that until this piece of knitting is 'blocked' the pattern wouldn't really looks as it should...if you are a knitter, you'll understand that.

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  1. Like the pattern, the colour is really nice. Always light at the end of the tunnel - its got to be good that you need a smaller size. Look forward to seeing it when its completed.


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