27 Apr 2011


Clematis Montana. I used to be able to see this from my kitchen window until I planted the Curly Willow which now blocks the view. Silly me.

The first Poppy to bloom, in my garden, this year.

Happy Pansies...well they always look happy don't they? They are hanging from my shed and can be seen from my kitchen window.

Clean car...something to show for my time this morning. I also vacuum cleaned it inside...that's vacuum cleaned the interior of the car and not that I brought the car indoors to vacuum it. LOL. Don't you just love the english language?


  1. Love the flowers. As you say, pansies DO always look happy :)

    Do you think you could pop over to Cheshunt to wash my car :P

    Mine seriously needs a wash ..... but I haven't had the time!!

  2. Lots of colour in your garden - looks lovely.


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