5 May 2011

More frogging

I started to crochet myself a lovely 'Readers Wrap' by Bella Crochet, and it got off to a bad start. It took me almost a whole evening to get the foundation row the correct length (width of garment) and then it was two inches narrower than it should have been. I went on to crochet up 100g of the Aran yarn I'm using just because I wanted to do some crochet! I then frogged it and spent quite some time again getting the foundation row to the correct width...successfully this time, trouble is I had to crochet at a very loose and what felt to me, 'sloppy' tension. I managed to keep that going for about six inches and then my work tightened up again and my work narrowed back down. So, 200g crocheted and my work looked rubbish and so, it's been frogged. Now, I'll buy a larger hook and see how I get on with that!!
BTW, the colour is called 'Mustard' and it is a very nice shade of yellow although my pictures make it look like some old string for some reason.

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