26 Jul 2010

Update on the bag

I keep changing my mind as to whether this is enough pattern or not quite enough?
Obviously I still have to construct the bag properly and line it and then I will sew tape or bias around the edges too.


  1. its gorgeous rachael, I personally would say its enough, cant wait to see it finished.

  2. I agree with Joy. It is beautiful and I would be very proud to own it. x

  3. I also think it looks fantastic. I love the combination of embroidery, beads and sequins. Can I ask something? Because a bag can get heavy(ish?) treatment, do you do anything special when sewing the beads and sequins?

  4. Hi Elaine, I haven't done anything 'special' but I have stitched the beads on individually, backstitching them so that if one came away then at most only one two would follow. Some of the tiny beads have been sewn on in threes but in the same way as the individual beads. I believe they will withstand being bashed about considerably.

  5. So complicated and very pretty, lovely embroidery.
    I like doing embroidery too!!
    Jeanie x

  6. Hi Rachael,
    Thanks for sharing that tip. It's the sort of detail I think I might have missed but it could make all the difference :)
    I have never made a bag but am following your struggles with interest. My dear Mum-in-law passed away last Boxing day and one thing she left were quite a number of different sized cross-stitch pictures she'd completed. I have far too many of my own on the walls to get them framed, but have toyed with the idea of using them as panel sections in bags. Just not sure where to start :)

    Mind you, found lots and lots of examples on the Internet but dithering over which to try first :)

  7. That bag looks fantastic! And also that it has taken a lot of work. But when finished it will be just perfect :)

    Happy and sunny greetings from Finland!



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