28 Jul 2010


I'm tired, which is my fault, but it's making it difficult to work and therefore I am getting stressed. I have spent three hours today trying to line my bag and it's still not worked out correctly. Trouble is I have never attempted this before and don't know the best or correct way of doing it...I just make it up as I go along. I'm leaving it for now and will possibly pick it up again in a few days time.
The lining fabric was my first choice, then I chose a plain fabric, then back to this, then I went into Salisbury,this morning and bought a metre of a different fabric and a further half metre of another fabric and still came back to this. Honestly, I don't know anyone else who flaps as much as I do.
Now I think the pocket is crooked and that the magnetic snap isn't central! It was!!

Think I should stick to knitting.

I am showing the embroidery, below, again so that you can see I changed the purple petal to a deep mauve petal as it was bugging me before.


  1. Don't give up ! It's looking really pretty. I think leaving it a few days may well help so let us know how it progresses.

  2. I agree. Go back to it when you are feeling fresh, its far too good to jetison and if you keep trying while you are tired you might make things worse. I love the lining fabric. Just try to reeeeellllax,
    love joy xx

  3. Hi Rachael,
    I hope you're getting on OK with your bag?
    Your embroidery looks so pretty that I'm sure you'll sort out how to get it finished.


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