23 Jul 2010


Having finally got sample one under my belt and off the machine (although it is waiting to be 'finished' ) I started on sample two. I thought it was perfect...silly me.... because as I came to stitch the neckband down, I noticed that a solitary stitch has become caught up whilst the stitches were on the ribber bed and so now, as I have neatly sewn the ends in at the shoulders and have mattressed stitched the neckband seam (and can't see it to unpick it) I will have to knit this sample all over again.
For those non machine knitters who are reading this, I have knitted the neckband in second colour as I have been instructed to do so and the coral coloured yarn is what we call 'waste yarn'. This will have been removed as I stitched the neckband down. BTW, the neckband, this type, is meant to be sewn to the 'good side/ front' of the piece.

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  1. Well I'm sorry to say that your explanation went straight over my head ! Sorry to hear you are having trouble though.


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