9 Dec 2007

Here it is!

Typical after I just wrote that long stretch (below) but here's what was written in the forum;

fenrislorsrai says: I'll tell you something counterintuitive.

Stop listing. Get off the forums for a few days, a week even, Take a break. Don't do anything online at all.

Go make stuff, but don't list or promote as often.

Why? If you are constantly relisting or promoting the same materials it becomes visual noise and people tune it out. If they see your items all the time, they tune them out, much like banner ads. It's so constant its no longer new, it's the same old same old.

I operate a brick and mortar store and see this often. If I remove some of the stuff that's become visual noise (the stuff that always appears to be in stock) for a little while, I can return it to the shelf a while later and it will sell because it looks new. It's the same stuff, but its not constantly in sight.

If you take a break from promoting and listing, it gives everyone time to forget they've seen you or that item before and it will appear new and exciting.

But that trick only works if you give people time to forget! The ones that already like you will go "oh, how I've missed you!" the ones that's had tuned you out will go "oh, new stuff!".

Go, curl up with a blanket away from the computer and craft!
Posted at 5:05 pm, December 8 2007 EST

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