9 Dec 2007


These pics show some of my yarn; there's rather a lot in our loft too and the other is of my pin board.

My sewing machine and laptop. I'm making a book cover for a friend with butterflies on it and the words, 'Hopes and Dreams'. So far I'm NOT liking it but I won't be hasty I intend to do some hand embellishment and embroidery too so it may turn out good.

My shelves, which in this picture, above, still look untidy ...I have to admit, BUT they're not. I know where everything is, Honest!!

Spent sometime today tidying my craft room, not so as you can tell, my husband said! Cheeky! Any way I took some pictures because I know I like to see pictures of where other people spend their time on their hobbies and so I guess people like to see where I 'work'.

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