9 Dec 2007

Interesting Question and an Interesting Answer

I read something which I found to be quite profound and thought provoking in the Etsy forums yesterday evening, and that was a reply to someone asking when is enough enough? The writer wanted to know when to quit Etsy as she has had a shop for a considerable time, I forget exactly, but a year I think, anyhow, she felt she was always self promoting, always in the forums, always telling people about her shop etc and even though, with all this effort, her sales weren't reflecting this. The person who replied told her to have some down time. To let her shop look after itself for a while and for her to go and get cosy and do some crafting. Well, my immediate thought was, She can't do that! How will she know is someone convo's her asking about a possible purchase? But I've thought about that question I asked myself and the answer is simple. She will get notified in her emails if she has a convo' from Etsy and then and only then can she log back into her shop.
The writer of the reply pointed out that they themselves have a 'bricks and mortar' shop and that what they sometimes do is take something down from the shelves/window display etc, put it out of view from customers and then weeks later reintroduce it to the shop and people /buyers see it a fresh! I so get what this person is saying and I'm going to try it this week. I'm going to get busy with Christmas preparations and I'm going to sort out my craft room so that I can create. I'll Blog though so please check back here.

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