11 Mar 2012

New Followers

Hello and Welcome to the new Followers of this, my humble Blog. Thank-you so much for taking a look at my Blog and then deciding to follow it. I have been a little quiet of late due to the fact that I have fallen behind with my machine knitting and am having to spend all week knitting and then sewing up hats. (I fell behind because I had my gall bladder removed on January 21st and have been recuperating ever since.) I should finish my machine knitting order this week and then I will have more time to do crafting projects of my choosing and so hopefully I'll then have a blog post worth reading.Don't we all live such busy lives?


  1. Hope that you are well on the road to recovery now x

    1. Thanks Deborah; I am very much better now thank-you.

  2. Ouch, hope you're feeling better now. Gall Bladder troubles/surgery ...not fun you need time to heal.


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