9 Feb 2012

Crocheted Bears and Knitted Cats

In January of 2011 I joined the Thread Artist Guild as I love Teddy bears and wanted to learn about making them. I did nothing more about this craft until I went on holiday to France last year and found the time to sit and attempt to make my first ever crocheted bear. The parts were all made but when I returned home life took over and other work commitments and so my little bear didn't get completed. That was until yesterday, January 8th 2012. This is my first ever little crocheted Bear.

After completing my first bear yesterday I started on a second one, just to make sure I could remember what I was doing! I managed to finish the second one today also and here it is;

I am also working on a customers order for four cats too and here are the first two made up.


  1. Wow ! Your little bears are wonderful and the cats, well what can I say other than I NEED one !

  2. Congratulations with you first bears ever! They are very cute!

  3. Hey - poke poke - I've just awarded you with the Liebster Blog Award! Check out my post to get the low down!

  4. Such cute bears. Would never have guessed they were your first. And just love the cats ..... well, that shouldn't be a surprise!! :)

    Sorry I haven't commented on your blog for a while. Haven't really been very well over the last couple of months and totally went off visiting blogs or putting entries on my own :(

  5. Very handsome, nice done! You are really creative, respect;)
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    Best regards, Rita

  6. These are very cute . Nicely done !


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