12 Jan 2011

More tidying

My stock of oddments and 'cheaper' yarns has been driving me mad for a few weeks now as the £1.00 pop-up holder I bought as a stand by has been full to over flowing and become very heavy to drag out of the way of my cupboards.

And so today I bought myself some new storage boxes. They are medium sized ones as I didn't want the foot print take up too much space and I had the bright idea to purchase some small swivel castors for the bottom box too. I have attached these with heavy duty, stick on Velcro and it works beautifully. Now my yarns are sorted and I can see so much easier what I have and where it is. I have put a lid on the top box, so it has become another useful surface.


  1. Excelent .... When you've finished i've got a mountain of stuff to sort still - the only good thing is that it's all crafty ......

  2. Do you want to sell me a selection of oddments in double knit Rachael? I am going to make some Jean Greenhow babies and have a go at a couple of her bigger dolls, found the book when I was tidying up. I made her dolls by the dozen in the 70's/80's.
    Jan really is the month to have sort out!


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