11 Jan 2011

Merino Dog sweater

I was recently asked by a previous Etsy customer of mine; a very nice dog loving lady who has purchased several of my hand knit dog coats, if I would knit her one in Black Merino yarn. Well I did and I loved the yarn so much I purchased some more and knitted another dog coat which is now for sale in My ArtFire Studio PLUS if you wish to purchase it and say you read about it on my Blog I will give you a 10% discount.....just message me on ArtFire first.
I am currently knitting another Merino Wool one, this time in RED.

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  1. Hi Rachael! I would love a red dog sweater like this for my Bessie and another one in the smaller size for Izzy. No rush! Message me on Facebook or email me when they are finished. I love the things you make! Remember -- No rush! Relax!

    Gail Blackburn


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