26 Oct 2010

Change of plan

You may remember from a few postings back that I was going to decorate a box incorporating an Angel which I purchased on Misi? Well I changed my mind, several times over and this is what I did with the box instead. This means I still have to make something else incorporating the Angel; i have a few ideas but no time to work on them right now.


  1. what a beautiful box rachael, are you selling it?
    must be worth a fair amount, I should think.
    joy xx

  2. Thanks Joy, I have it in my Art Fire Studio for $15 or £9.46 currently.

  3. That is really lovely Rachael. I can't believe it only took 3 hours to make.

    The snowflake pattern on the material is so pretty. Not that I really want to think too much about Christms just yet :)


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