6 Oct 2010

Cat Bookmarks

This is what I was working on today and yesterday I've sewn them all up but have yet to embroider pink pads on their back feet and give them some whiskers (on their faces, not the food!)

Four of them are for a customer on etsy and two will be for stock.

Then this is a project I plan to work on, probably next week.
A box to decorate and I'll top it with this Angel I have purchased from this shop on Misi.co.uk. Again, this is for someone who contacted me via Face Book.

1 comment:

  1. Your cats are so cute! (Both these and the key rings).

    You know ..... for a dog lover you make an really good line of pussy-cat things :)

    That angel is really sweet as well. Can't believe the low price the person is charging! Surely they must take a fair bit of time to make?


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