26 May 2010

Yesterday I finally got around to having a look at my stock to see what I have which is suitable to offer for sale at the Church Fete on the 12th June. I hadn't long started going through my stuff when I had a delivery of bark chippings arrive along with a very helpful and chatty delivery man. I got sidetracked, as I do (all too often) and then once he'd left, I decided to do some more gardening. Well that was that, the whole day spent gardening again!
So here's a mixture of pictures taken yesterday starting with a small amount of stock....the rest is still in the boxes at this stage and so I will need to have a proper look another day.

The area where I have sited the Jack and Gill seats on the new bark chippings was full of weeds and I had to level it off too....looks like a simple job and it was but I was in full sun and I was very hot. Still, I'm pleased to say I like the newly tidied up area 'done on the cheap'.

The lavender hedge I planted last year to hide the lawn edge.

One of the two beautiful Wisteria we have and a little bit of a view over to Grovely Woods in the background.

The rest of the bark chippings went here to tidy up this corner of the garden. The day before I had planted five lavender plants along the front edge, nearest to the lawn edge. The lavenders are all different varieties and colours this time and so I'm hoping next year they will look very pretty and attract lots of Bees.

Garden views and Aquilegia


  1. Your garden is looking lovely ! The hard work has paid off.

  2. Rachel, what a gorgeous garden


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