19 May 2010


I have been a Dreamer on DreamAid for just over three months now and until now I haven't listed many items there because I was afraid of spreading myself....or my stock too thinly between BlueShedCrafts on Etsy.com and RosyTint on Misi.co.uk However, Misi really doesn't interest me anymore as the Forums are full of people complaining again and again over a lack of sales. What is even more frustrating about that is when fellow Misians point out to these complainers in a friendly, constructive and helpful way, how they could possibly improve their chances of a sale, they don't take that help on board...THEY JUST KEEP MOANING!!!(Boy you can tell it's a site made by Brits, predominately full of Brits. Middle England bored to death housewives or the new trendy SAHM ! Huh, makes me laugh. They don't spend their time creating just boring each other to near death in the Forums) Of course,that's not my only reason for feeling disenchanted with Misi, I have always thought that the site was not a patch on Etsy to navigate or on the overall look. It is just too Mumsy looking and although it recently went through a makeover in my opinion it was a make under. I'm holding off closing my shop there as I have had a few good sales and I do like to work in GBP. So,I am now going to work on filling up my Etsy shop again and putting more listings on DreamAid.
DreamAid take 10% commission PLUS anything I choose to donate to the charity from each sale and so, although I sincerely LOVE the concept, I really don't make enough sales or enough profit (profit, what's that???) to list many items via DreamAid.
I'll just add here that NOT all Misians were created equally...many of them have talent, are very kind and helpful people and do NOT moan and it is really the lovely people I have connected with via Misi that will keep me there.


  1. agree about the Misi forums, someone asked for help the other day and I gave good advice (imo) and it was completely dismissed...haven't been on in a few days as the forums aren't what they were (the moaning doesn't help at all)! But I'm not ready to give up on Misi yet :)

    I'm new to Etsy and love it!!
    New to Dreamaid too and no sales yet but I'm very patient lol..:)

  2. Good Morning Rachael! Just found this blog posting! I think we need more coffee and cake m'dear!
    I have not had a sale on Misi since before Christmas and the people I connect with in the real world from there I will stay connected to (I hope) whether I am on Misi or not...
    I did start a thread a while ago and all of the oldies came on and we had a very positive time and a bit of a giggle, but the rest of it is still miserable and grumpy!
    Still, I am there selling off my beads! They do well, am going to cut up my jewellery when they have all gone!!
    See you soon, Jean x


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