15 Mar 2010

We had a whirlwind trip to Pembrokeshire this last weekend taking in a really enjoyable walk along the beach at Tenby and a walk around the town. In the evening we visited our favourite Indian restaurant in Tenby called the Bay of Bengal.
I took some knitting with me but only managed to snatch an hour of 'knitting time' on Sunday morning. I knitted two of the blankets to go on the toy donkeys for the Donkey Sanctuary...something at least.
Here's the second donkey I knitted for the Sanctuary and completed last Friday.

On Sunday morning we followed a tourist 'brown signpost' to a Craft Centre, which from the first sign said it was one mile. It was a good road for the first quarter mile and then it turned into a single lane, metaled track for another quarter mile or so and then a pot holed narrow track right up to the small holding where the Craft centre was. Sadly I had forgotten my camera and so I don't have any pictures but this place was really ramshamshackled and crying out for some love and attention. I have found their website which sadly paints a much brighter picture than the reality of the place. Both me and DH got the impression that the owner had 'given up' and told us that 'everything has died around these parts', their campsite didn't do any business last year or the year before but I said surely that was down to the awful wet weather we all had?
The Tearoom was not open for our visit and I'm unsure as to whether they will be opened this season as the owner said the roof had leaked.
On a more positive note, we were shown around the tiny Pottery Studio....again in real need of a good deal of reorganisation and cleaning BUT the owner/ potter was rightly proud to inform us that she had just received a valued order for some pottery to go to Cardiff Castle. What a scoop!!
Another fabulous achievement too is the fact that the owners were at the House of Commons very recently to receive an award for tourism. They won the award for the woodland walk which they have on their land, something we didn't have time to do yesterday.
I loved this place and wished I lived nearby so that I could could volunteer at the place. If any readers are in the area this Summer I say, go and visit but maybe checkout first what is open and what isn't.
I forgot to mention that I made a purchase in the Craft Centre shop.

I bought this needle felting kit as it is a craft I would like to learn more about. As you can see it is a very basic beginners kit but I'll post what I make from it sometime in the future.

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  1. so pleased you enjoyed your weekend, hope you are still feeling relaxed now you are back home.
    love the donkeys.


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