15 Mar 2010

Do click on the individual photos to ENLARGE and see the poor workmanship in all its glory. How on Earth people can attempt to sell this is beyond belief.

Here are some photos I've taken today of a very poorly made bag which I purchased from a seller on ebay. The seller also sells on one of the sites I sell on. I won't name the site and I will point out that I had previously blogged about this seller in a very positive way when this bag was offered for sale. I HAVE REMOVED MY BLOG POST so that the person will not be identified. My reason for posting these photos is really to demonstrate that not everything we see online is shown in it's true light. Now this bag was advertised with just one single photo. I didn't want the bag, I bid on it in an effort to push the bids up as it was for a charity and I thought I was doing the fellow seller a good turn. As it turned out I caused myself a problem and landed up with a bag, very poorly made bag which I don't want. Not only was the bag poorly made but it took 41 days to travel from one part of the UK to reach me....well of course it didn't the seller didn't bother to post it when promised. They say they were ill but as they have been online in several forums I use I don't believe they were too ill to write an email to me to let me know that they couldn't get to a post box. Having been an ebay user for seven years without any problems at all, I had to go through the complaints department of ebay and wait the time they stipulate before putting in a claim for something that didn't arrive and to let them know that the seller was ignoring my emails. So, bottom line readers is, always ask for close-up photos if non are provided. Always read feedback BUT don't always trust everything you read and know your rights. When buying online in the UK you can of course return faulty goods BUT you also have a seven day cooling off period too.
I won't be returning this awful excuse for a hand made bag, I'll be throwing it out today as I'm hoping the seller donated my money to Charity as was promised but then again...who knows?
The maker / seller of this bag has very kindly tracked me down and written me a full and complete apology and gave me a full refund which I have donated to the DEC.org myself.I have accepted the apology and really do appreciate her taking the time to contact me.


  1. could you get in touch with the charity to see if they have received anything from this person? I guess if its a large national charity that might be difficult but if a small local one it might be easier. if they are getting money under false pretences they should be stopped.

  2. The person said they were donating to the DEC for the Haiti appeal and as it was a small amount (less than eight pounds) I should think they have far too many donations to check for that amount. Not impossible though, I guess.

  3. Thanks for posting this ! What a mess the bag is. The seller obviously doesn't have much of a conscience.

  4. That bag is a mess!!! I would be ashamed to sell it. They clearly can't sew.


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