9 Jan 2009

New Year

The New Year has got off to a good start. I have had a few sales already, in fact I sold seven of my Fairy Wands to one buy in the States and I have sold a Jester to someone in Australia. Yey!!

This morning I received positive feedback from a buyer who purchased four of my Poopa Scoopa Outer Carry bags, which was great but she didn't write anything on the feedback page although she did write to me. Below is a piece of that email I have cut and pasted as I feel the feedback is useful to potential buyers;

"I thought the bags were very, very cute and a good size for a small/medium dog's "deliveries" :) Also thought the plastic inside was a good thickness so there was not a risk of leakage onto the knitted part of the bag - - which is very good!
I was supposed to meet up with two friends to gift them with two of those bags, but we had some pretty bad snow, and we have not, therefore, gotten together yet. The two I have given were welcomed with a puzzled look and then a belly laugh - - great idea! was what I heard both times."

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