31 Dec 2008

New Years Eve

It's early yet but I'll be going out to friends this evening, with Kev, to see the New Year in with them at their home. I've known these two people for almost the same amount of time I've known my husband, that'll be twenty years this coming May. Those years have flown by! the four of us have spent a number of New Years Eves together, in fact, as an adult, I haven't spent more New Years Eve's with anyone else. We'll have a laugh and a drink together, reflect on this past twelve months and delve into the next. One good thing is that last New Years Eve my friend asked me what my resolution was for the year and as I said, 'to lose weight.' She said, 'Not that old chestnut again!'. I felt a little deflated to say the least but bit my tongue. Well, I did lose weight this year. Admittedly not until September, but I have lost fifteen and a half pounds since the first week of September including a pound over Christmas week. I still would like to lose a stone and a half more (yikes!!) but I know I can and will do it. Here's to Happy New Year, to Us all. A healthy New Year to us All. Hold on to your dreams and do your best to live your dreams. Don't wish your life away though, that's precious.

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