2 Nov 2008

Mad or what?

I had a moment of madness yesterday and committed myself to doing another Craft Fair. This one will be in Braishford Village Hall on 29th November...I was lucky and nabbed the last of the table. I have to do some serious work now though as I'm already booked to do a Fair in Salisbury on the 13th December. DH is on hols this week too and wants me to go out places with him, visitors coming on Thursday, more on Saturday...I predict late nights and early mornings. Hmmmmm.
Not sure what I want to make or what I need to make and so I'll have to spend some time planning.
Changing the subject, DH and I went for a beautiful walk through the Woodford Valley yesterday morning, with Tilly, just made it back to the car before it hammered down. It rained really hard for the rest of the day and the evening too and so our two hour window was just perfect.


  1. WOW You are going to be busy! Good for you I hope you have a stellar show!

  2. Sounds like fun. I have never done a craft fair. Good luck with it! n_n

  3. Wow, TWO shows right before Christmas! I only wish I could join you.

    All the best!


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