22 Oct 2008

Todays Plans

Today I plan on teaching myself have to make mittens and gloves on my knitting machine. Surely it can't be that difficult? I also plan on donning my Welly boots and taking my dog out for a nice long walk. I do have a bit of a problem with that though as it was reported on our local radio news last evening that there have been two attacks in Salisbury, during October, by a man wielding an axe. Apparently the attacks took place on the 9th and the 14th and during one of them he smashed car window, whilst a man was sitting in the drivers seat, to try and rob him! Luckily the guy managed to drive off. So anyway, getting back to my plans to go for a walk, I usually walk in a fairly quiet, remote area and I'm thinking, 'Do I really want to do that with this nutter around?'

1 comment:

  1. ooh how creepy a Jack the Axe of sorts running loose. Is this nut just robbing folks with his axe or killing people?

    Take a big stick with you!


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