6 Jun 2008

Silly me!

I fell over this morning, in my garden. I twisted my ankle whilst navigating a step and then fell flat onto my knees. My left knee hasn't stopped throbbing yet and yet this fall was seven hours ago.I've had both my knees operated on and so I'm always wary of 'hurting' them but this, this was just a silly accident. I'm grateful that I haven't slipped the disc in my back again (three times last year) and that I can still knit. Yey!! Thank Heavens for small mercies.

The positive side to this of course is that I don't feel guilty just sitting around, with my leg elevated, knitting today.

1 comment:

  1. Rachel I am so sorry you hurt yourself. I do hope your feeling better today...if not GET TO A DOCTOR!
    I know my knee only hurts when my back is out of alignment, hurts to step up or down when it's like that.
    Getting old SUCKS!
    Please take care!


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