12 May 2008

It's Monday!!

I got out of bed nice and early, 06.05, and after making my morning cup of tea and one for DH too of course, feeding the dogs and the cat and ironing a shirt for DH, I logged onto Etsy and joined in with a couple of topics and now here I am.
I'm being a 'goody goody' and starting as I mean to go on. I want my Blog to be more popular, well Popular would be good, more popular...that's just bad grammar, I think. A N Y W A Y, as I mentioned yesterday, I need to get on and tidy my craft room this morning and then I can do some nice relaxed sewing. Yey! I have almost completed three Dog Bandannas which I want to have in my shop by the end of today and I am also planning on making a cushion pad to go inside I cover I have hand knitted. That will be going in my shop too.

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