24 Mar 2008

What to do today?

Well, I have several projects on the go once again and a hundred and one ideas for projects racing around in my head. (Once again I awoke at 5.20 a.m all due to not being able to 'switch my mind off')
I'm currently part way through hand knitting another of those gorgeous Infinity scarves. This time it's a blue one. I've sold one in my Etsy shop and I currently have another in there and I have yarn, in some beautiful colours, to knit another four after the blue one. Yummy. I'm also part way through hand knitting a mohair kitten. I don't enjoy knitting with mohair yarn as it sticks to it's self and if I need to unravel any mistakes it's so very difficult. Still, I think the kitten should be quite cute when completed and so it's worth the extra effort. What else? Oh yes, I have spectacles case knitted but I need to line it with some fabric and sew it together and put a clasp of some kind on it. Then there's about sixty four tiny octopus legs to knit, Robin wings, Bat Wings....well many miniature parts!
I have two more of the Cat Cushions to sew up and then applique by hand and then embroider. I still keep looking at my crocheted squares and thinking I should get back to them. I have crocheted many of them together but still need to make a few more and then complete those two projects. On top of this, I just purchased a fabulous pattern from an Etsy seller, to knit myself a giant Spider Hat. ( I don't like spiders at all, but it's gimmick which will hopefully create interest a round my craft stall in October ) I've also purchased the yarn to make this Spider. I have several sewing projects in mind two, one of which involves recycling small plastic tubs which our vitamin tablets come in. Oh and then there's my Snowman project. I'm not giving much away here as unfortunately, some Etsians are prone to copying ideas and I'm a little conscious that if they 'get MY ideas out there first' they'll claim they were their ideas! Pretty sad to have to think that way, I know, but I am trying to sell my wares after all.

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