23 Mar 2008

Craft Fair Research exercise

We really enjoyed the Kevin Murphy Craft Fair, at Salisbury Guild Hall, last weekend. So many of the vendors were very friendly and willing to chat to us, me and my DH, that is, about their experiences and to give us some tips on display and pricing.One couple told us to remember 'Height and Light'. They even demonstrated turning off their spot lights to show us how uninteresting and 'flat' looking their stall then is. The lady sold me a kit which she has produced to make a lovely little Christmas Tree and told me she would be happy for me to go ahead and make them to sell if I so wished. How nice is that? Anothe lady, who was selling jewellery, totally surprised me when she said she works full time and is doing thirty nine craft fairs this year! Gosh! I'm in a spin knowing I'm doing two!!!
Having said that though, knitting is a very time consuming past time and I think I could thread beads and chain together a lot quicker. ( Oh heck, don't jump on me< I know there's a lot more too it than that!!)

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