12 Feb 2008

My latest

I sold a giant snake! It's going to a lady in Scotland. I'm so pleased and I know she will be too.

I've also made a purchase from my Blog mate Tammy, who has a fabulous Blog which I love reading, she has an Etsy shop too which is called TreasuredHeirlooms, you'll find a link to it on this page. RH column under Favourite Blogs.
Anyway, I've just purchased from her shop a lovely book of hand drawn designs which she has compiled over a long time. If you do rug-making, needlework, embroidery or similar check it out as it may well be of interest to you too.


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  1. Rachael you are such a dear heart. Thank you for your purchase & thank you for the post here on your site!

    Your booklet is en route over the pond and I do hope you enjoy it.

    I will try to get a link put on my blog for you...after I call the dentist

    Blessings 2 U friend!


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