25 Jan 2008

What's next?

Good question that. I'm still working on my crochet but can't find the time to give it one last push and complete it. I'm sewing up a machine knitted cat which I'm feeling luke warm about at present. I'll with hold judgement until it's completed. I have plans whirling around in my head space about things to make for Easter which sadly will be here before we know it. I say sadly because life is too short and so to be at Easter will mean we're fast approaching the second quarter of this year already! I'm hand knitting another 'Eight birds hanging on a line' in the evenings and I have purchased yarn to make three more hand knit dog coats and two pairs of socks. And that reminds me, I've started to knit a lovely yellow pair of pure wool bed socks. Must get back to that project some time too.
Of course, I'm still visiting the gym twice a week, sometimes three times and doing my voluntary work which I enjoy very much and trying to keep up on the enormous amount of washing my DH, bless him, manages to generate all by himself. It's great to be busy and I do genuinely mean that but boy I'm tired.

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