13 Jan 2008

Unproductive day

A very unproductive day all round. I'm tired. Etsy brain syndrome is what I'm calling it. I need to veg out in a sunny garden somewhere or take a walk on a sunny beach besides the sea. Winter here in the UK is so dark and dingy. Yuk! it's horrid.


  1. i know the feeling.
    winter here alll the way over in the metrodetroit area isn't very nice either.
    but your bunny looks so cute!

  2. You made my day by leaving me a comment and such a complimentary one too....Thanks!

  3. Rachael,
    I heard from a friend in Belgium today, telling me it has been an awful winter, so sorry! We are finally getting colder here and I am relishing every day as it won't be too long that it is 90 and humid.
    Keep up the good work things are slow everywhere the right people will find you & your items!



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