16 Jan 2008

Crafting today!

Finally I get around to a day when I can do some crafting. ( I'm on a coffee break, I don't have liquids or food stuffs in my craft room...just in case)

I started on another Mouse today which took me three hours from start to finish. I think that is probably the quickest so far, not that I'm in a rush but I timed myself for the first time ever just out of personal interest, plus my DH always says,'How long did that take to make?' That's a business man for you!
I've listed the Mouse on etsy and it is someones favourite already which is nice to know. All of the mice I have made and sold so far, I have made different from each other. Each one I have made has been a favourite of mine but my DH really liked the dark brown one.
When I finish my coffee break, in a few minutes, I'm back to my room to work on a black and white cat. Maybe you could check back later to see if I finished it? I'll post a photo of it when it's done.

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