30 Jan 2008

Time wasted

I woke up at 3 a.m with another headache and didn't get rid of it until 2pm. I had a lousy morning but was all geed up to make a couple of mice on my knitting machine this afternoon. The knitting went smoothly, only one of the ears had to be started twice. I took all the body parts along with my needle, snips and stuffing to the den to watch Deal No Deal and do the sewing up. Well, I'd wasted my time! All of the pieces were very nicely knitted, except for the fact that I hadn't done a weaving cast on which meant I couldn't draw the stitches up. So all pieces are to be thrown away.
I've decided now to leave all craft work alone until after this weekend. I need time out. I need to get outdoors for a long walk or go for a bike ride or sit and listening to a talking book or maybe some classical music. I just need to switch off from Etsy for a while. It's taken me over!!

Tomorrow is my 'different day' as I call it because I go to the gym at 6.30 a.m and then onto my voluntary job for 9a.m. I really enjoy the change and meeting all the usual customers and I really enjoy the company of the lady I work alongside. She' such good company.

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