29 Jan 2008

Headaches proving to be a problem

I've always, as an adult, had headaches but these past two weeks they've been almost unbearableat times because they are stopping me sewing, knitting and blogging to the extent I'd like too. I have managed to make a couple of items for my shop but I'm not happy with them and I can't shake my headache off long to have a proper look at them and think straight. Any one who hasn't had a blinding headache won't get what I'm on about but I'm sure plenty of you will.
I don't wear glasses and I had my eyes tested January last year but I've just booked an eye test for February 4th as I'm sure something must be amiss somewhere. As I type this I'm all too aware of the pain in my head.

I'm wanting to make some smaller items for my shop as I don't have much to offer, if anything actually for $5.00 or less. I have just put these little bird handbag charms, pictured, in my shop though which I think are really bright and cheery.

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  1. Rachel I am so sorry about your headaches! I get migraines & know what your talking about....I will pray for you but in the meanwhile go see a doctor & make them run a cat scan or something!!!!!

    The charms are cute though!!!

    And by the way I didn't have five to send it to either, my friend who tagged me let me know I only sent it to four & I really had to search for a couple of them....


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