30 Dec 2007


Far too excited to sleep. Why? A New Year is fast approaching.
I'm always sad to say Farewell to the year as I look back and reflect on the past twelve months, the highs and lows, but for me 2007 and has had more than its' fair share of lows and so although I have got happy memories too I'm really looking forward to 2008.
My Etsy shop is going far better than I ever anticipated. It's not busy at all by some peoples' standards but it's enough for me at present. Of course I'd like to see it grow and I believe it will in the coming year as I have many ideas of things to make. All I need to do is find the time to make them. As I have every intention of getting back into a strict routine of going to the gym to work out and then to swim at least four times a week, to walk my dear Tilly more, to keep up with my voluntary work and to redesign a large part of my garden this spring, go away in our motor home more (and we go often as it is) it will be a challenge alright.
I also want to spend more time with my friends.I can be a bit insular at times as I do enjoy my hobbies a bit too much but I'm really quite a sociable person and enjoy spending time with other people. One problem is though, if I have the time to see them they don't always have the same time to see me.
As I'm typing this I'm listening to Ronan Hardimans music from Lord of the Dance through my headphones. I adore any Celtic type of music. It's three o'clock in the morning and I could get up and dance. I so love that saying, 'Sing as if no one is listening, dance as if no one is watching.' Too many of us are inhibited.

I wonder what this New Year will bring for the World? Peace is out of the question I fear. It's a dream for so many hundreds of thousands, no, millions, of people the World over and yet unobtainable. We don't know how lucky we are.

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