18 Nov 2007

Sold something!

Yep I made a sale! A cute little knitted mouse and she's gone all the way to Alaska. Now I'm hoping that I will sell something else sooner rather than later but all I can do is try and let you guys know about my shop and hopefully interest you in going to have a look from time to time.

I listed three more items today and I'll have a few more to list during this coming week. I'm currently making a very colourful throw. It's crocheted and it's about two thirds finished. That won't be completed for a while yet but I'm also working on a crocheted cushion cover and that will be in my shop very soon. Again that's very colourful too. The next bit of machine knitting will be a hat and scarf set in a lovely lime green with brown dachshunds on it. Cute.

I'm working on some designs based around tortoises too but I'll write more about that later.

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