4 Nov 2007

etsy shop finally stocked

November 4th 2008 and today I have finally managed to get a number of items listed in my etsy shop.

I had been offered the chance by the Country Markets, formerly WI, here in the UK to sell at a weekly market but as attractive as this offer is, etsy suits me more as I don't have to hump my craft work around from home to car, car to Community Centre and all again in reverse.

Etsy doesn't seem to be that well know yet here in the UK. I don't mean 'unheard of', but almost. I for one will be promoting etsy in the UK as we desperatelty need a first class place for crafters of all types to display and offer for sale of course, their wares.

My main craft, at this time in my life anyway, is knitting. Machine knitting mainly but also hand knitting. I enjoy making toys and decorative items but also baby clothes, blankets, dog coats and much, much more.

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  1. yay! we seem to be in the same place then, except you've sold something :) good luck with your fairs!


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