22 Nov 2007

My room

Here's my sewing and knitting room pics, as promised. They were taken fairly late this afternoon and so the light wasn't fantastic but you'll get a good idea of where I spend a lot of my 'spare' time.
As you can see I have my KH891 Brother knitting machine set up on one side of the room and on the other side, below the window I have my Horn sewing cabinet which houses my Husqvarna Orchidea sewing machine; a first class machine. The second Husqvarna I've owned and I love it. I still have the other one which is used ocassionally when I have the Orchidea set up to do embroidery.
In the cupboards I store coned yarns, two more knitting machines; a KH950i and a KH260 Chunky guage. If I had more time they would get more use. I just realised that the pics don't show the cupboards I mention. I'll take more pics soon.

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