27 Nov 2007

Emily and Penny

Penny packed up and ready for the off! Want to buy her?

Well I've been very busy these past few days, which is good news. I have made TWO more sales on etsy making a total of THREE.

I sold the hat I mentioned a few days ago here to a lady in the States who is looking forward to wearing her new hat whilst walking her dachshund, Heidi. Aah, that's lovely.
The other sale was my FAIRY Christmas cards. I made them back in September and so I'm pleased they're off to new home.

My newest items on etsy are quite different form my other listings. I have two MICE in little baskets, one called Emily and the other called Penny. They have been made from a hand knitted piece of MOHAIR fabric and I think they are a d o r a b l e ! (but then I would) :)
My other new listings are for BROOCHES. Two are crocheted in bright colours and will undoubtedly brighten up a tote bag, scarf, hat or jacket and the third BROOCH is a Machine Knitted one which is in Black and Gold. That took quite some time to make as all ten of the petals are made on the machine individually and then I sew in all the ends, by hand, and then I crochet one round of DOUBLE crochet stitch around each petal. Finally the petals are sewn to each other, by hand once again and then the smaller five petals are placed on top of the five larger petals and then to complete it an attractive button is sewn in the centre and a bar pin sewn to the back. Phew!
I'm pleased with the finished item and hopefully someone will like it enough to want to own it themselves. Just right to wear this coming PARTY SEASON on an evening Pashmina or sparkly top.

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