24 Nov 2011

Not a lot...

of Blogging going on lately as I have been way too busy making machine knitted hats. I now have a 'job' of making a hundred hats per month for a UK company, on my knitting machine. These hats are machine knitted and then finished (shaped) on two hand held needles and then the seam is sewn by hand and a label hand stitched in. They are pretty time consuming and so I'm having difficulty finding time to make other craft items, blog, interact on AF Guilds, promote my work and other people's work too. I am doing my best though as there as so many kind people working on promoting my AF Studio.
Here's a few Handmade items which have caught my eye on Artfire recently;

This wee mouse is on my Wish List (I have a soft spot for mice) Check out this Studio too; CountryCraftsandCandies

You're going to have a difficult time choosing what to buy from TataniaRosa as there are so many beautiful items.

A very opulant looking Tree decoration available from UniqueYou

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  1. Well done for getting such a commission, even if it is hindering your blogging and other activities :)


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