12 Aug 2011


I finally managed to get hold of my DH's camera and extract the card from it so that I can have a look at the pictures he took whilst we were in France. There's not much to show you but here's some of what we have.
A beautiful view...somewhere in France!!

This Magpie was at one of the Aires we stopped over night at. He came knocking on our heiki roof and each time we stepped outside the van he came and hopped around us. He did this to everyone who pulled up and he was not at all afraid of dogs either.

This is Tilly, cooling off in a fountain in the middle of Annecy. She does this every year before being put back into the Doggy ride for the 9+km cycle back to camp. She loves it!


  1. Lovely photos of what looks like a lovely holiday ! The French Magpie is adorable ...wish mine were as friendly ....

  2. Lovely photos...And I'm very envious for your sunshine! I went to France too (in July) and it rained all the time...

  3. Tilly is so adorable! Glad you had a good holiday :)


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