19 Jul 2011

At last!

Tub is not yet finished.....not sure what to do next so I'm still thinking that one through.

The Teddy

This is my current project.

At last I get time to write my blog! We had a fabulous holiday in France; lots of lounging around reading, chatting and eating sweets. Plenty of dog walks, some cycling and lots of yummy camp cooked food.
Since I've been home, I've only managed a few hours in my craft room as Lindy has been keeping me busy and entertained but here are a few pictures of what I've made.
A few decorated decoupage boxes and a teddy bear which I purchased as a blank calico teddy. I stained the fabric and then embroidered it with wool threads.
It's nice to be back home and I hope to get blogging regularly again sometime soon. Hope you enjoy these pictures albeit they were taken rather hurriedly.

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  1. I can tell you have been having fun ! The boxes are really lovely and so colourful. I love the teddy too !


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