8 Jun 2011

At the risk of boring you all

...the only thing I have photographed that I have finished making is some more Budgies.

I do have a few others things made but with our new Puppy running around all day I'm finding it tricky to get much done. It's all good fun though.


  1. Love the budgies ... And am enjoying all the puppy pictures on fb too!

  2. Tweet Tweet my Lovely! Super Budgies you have made!!

  3. I love the budgies! Those one look like the budgies we had when I was small (their names were Whoosh and Boing!)

    I bet you're having such fun with the puppy too...she's so cute!


  4. Love the deep colours of the green budgie and the flowers - and the blue one is lovely as well.


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