3 Apr 2011

Handmade Week #10

This week has once again been a busy week. I posted two knitted Donkeys off to a Donkey Sanctuary in Crete and they have been gratefully received.

I also managed to knit another four of the Sewing Companion Bunnies, although only one of those four, is completely finished and that one's for me ; )

My very dear and super talented Dad made me this Ribbon Box
this week and I went to Fleet in Hampshire, to collect it on Saturday and then my Dad, my sister, DH and me took ourselves off to the

Monthly Market in the Maltings in Farnham, Surrey for a good mooch around. It was excellent. From there we went to
The Heron on the Lake for our lunch which was my treat as way of a thank-you to Dad for my fabulous ribbon box.
Today, Sunday, I have spent sometime adding my ribbons to the box and tidying up my Craft Room once again!!

Do pop along to Wendy's Blog and take a look at what Wendy has been working on this past week and find out all about Handmade Monday.


  1. You were in my neck of the woods at the weekend and forgot the Maltings was one. Love the donkey's such a good idea for the Sanctuary and love the ribbon storage unit. Have a happy knitting week

  2. wow, rachael, I just love that ribbon box, what a talented dad you have.
    joy xx

  3. What an amazing ribbon box - love it!

    Thanks for taking part in HM x

  4. Will your dad consider adopting me? That ribbon box is lovely, am seriously coveting it and I do not look that great in green.

    The donkeys are really cute, bet they will engender a lot of support for the Santuary.

  5. Loving the donkeys!!! Great job Dad on the ribbon box, trouble is, now you have no excuse for being untidy!!!

  6. Love the donkeys.....Love your ribbon rack too.... :D

  7. Hello, it's my first visit here, I'm over from Wendy's HHM. love the ribbon box and your donkeys are really cute.

    Jan x

  8. That ribbon storage is fantastic - can he make one for me? LOL
    Those donkeys are so cute and be they were very much appreciated!
    Happy Monday
    Rebecca x

  9. Love the donkeys! They are seriously cute!

    What a talented Dad. Can now see where you get it from :)

  10. Adorable donkeys! Donkeys are one of my favourite animals...they always look so sad bless them.
    Your Dad's ribbon box is pretty impressive too x

  11. Thats some ribbon box you have there. Love the spool holder on the top for your cotton reels too. Hugs Mrs A.

  12. Love the donkeys! And I love the ribbon box, I am in the process of trying hard to get myself organized, but so far, the mess just seems to be getting moved around! :)

  13. What a talented Dad you have - great ribbon box!!

    Love, love, love those donkeys!

    Ali x

  14. Love the donkeys! What a wonderful dad you have and defo super talented.
    Hugs Sue x

  15. Beautiful donkeys, and lucky you with your nice tidy ribbon box!

  16. The ribbon box looks brilliant and the cottons look great on the top too. I may have to show my dad this post as he is quite a handy carpenter and maybe i could persuade him to make me one.

  17. Great job! I love donkeys...they each have such personalities! It's always sad when they are mistreated!


  18. WOW! Look at all that ribbon. I want that!

    Great post, thanks for sharing.

  19. Wow! What a brilliant idea... very practical but also a lovely pretty way to show off your ribbon collection too! I LOVE!! Clever Dad! M x x

  20. Wow! Those donkeys are sooooo cute.

    As for your ribbon box, does your Dad want another daughter? That is sooo fab. You are a lucky girl!


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