15 Apr 2011

Custom Order Budgies

Special Order Budgies for a lady who contacted me via FaceBook.


  1. I love your knitted budgies! The attention to detail is fantastic and I like the fact that both budgies have their own individual personality...I bet the lady was very happy!


  2. hi Rachael- just looked in on the Village Hall fair page and found your lovely comment- then I came over here and fell TOTALLY in love with the knitted budgies...when you come to the vintage fair and see my penchant for old birdcages (I even have them hanging in the kitchen) you'll know why!

    really look forward to meeting you, please do come and say hi
    Elaine xx
    ps happy anniversary :))

  3. Hi Rachael
    Thank you for your nice comments on my blog. I love your knitted budgies - beautifully done!
    Marion x

  4. How pretty ! Really lovely Spring colours.

  5. These are possibily the cutest things I have ever seen!! You're so clever... I love them!! M x x

  6. I love these birdies:) They are really sweet.

  7. Lovely knitted budgies - so different!


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