29 Dec 2010

Plans for 2011

I guess all of you fellow crafters are looking forward to the start of a new and creative year and have plenty of creative juices flowing; I have 1001 and ideas racing around in my head and so have just bought myself a lovely new ideas book to jot them down in. I am carrying this book with me where ever I go and have already filled a number of pages. This coming year I plan to get into FreeForm knitting and crochet; something I have never explored before although I admire it very much.
I'll be reading my favourite crafty blogs to see what you guys are up too so do keep writing.


  1. I could hazard a guess, but what is freeform knitting - just no pattern? never heard of it before.
    love the note book, I got one in an autumn swap, but I never think to write ideas down, I just keep them swirling around in my head, and they never get done, because the next idea always overtakes!

  2. No pattern Joy and you knit with varying weights and textures of yarns and various stitches just making it up as you go along,often combining crochet and knitting but not necessarily. You make a 'scrumble' and then another 'scrumble' on so, working them all together to make a bag, garment wall hanging or whatever! There are several FreeForm Groups on Ravelry.com.
    Get your notebook out! I lose track of my ideas in my mind as I am constantly thinking up new things and forgetting what I was going to do.

  3. Good Grief Rachael! Free form, I imagine you have to be an experienced knitter to attempt that. I have tried freeform beading and that works as long as you stick to a couple of rules. You never know, I may try that again. (I always think of it as my Les Dawson, he was a good piano player which enabled him to mess about and still make a recognisable tune)


Thank you for sharing your comments; I really do enjoy reading them : )