28 Nov 2010

Craft Fayre Cleeve House Seend

Sadly this event was VERY quiet. According to somone at the event, only 91 people were counted through the doors and by the same time the previous year it had been 400 people through the doors!
Needless to say, we didn't sell much but we did sell something.
Here's some pictures of our stalls.


  1. So sorry to hear just how quiet the day was. All you guys put on a lovely display of goods and all your hard work really showed. Dad & I had a lovely day and I brought home several little treats for me and may be a Christmas gift or two as well.

  2. Your displays all look so lovely. Do you think the cold weather put people off going out?

    Don't know how cold it was there but where I am, just north of London, all weekend was freezing cold.

  3. Possibly Elaine but I think people aren't spending money on decorative items and luxuries right now, at least not to the extent they were anyway.


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