12 Aug 2010

Mad dash

I was asked just two evenings ago if I would like to have a table at a Craft Event here;
Chestnut Road, Sutton Benger, Chippenham, Wilts. SN15 4RP
Having had a think about what table I could use and the usual panic about whether I have enough stock or not I have decided to go. So that's this coming Sunday, 15th August and it's an out door event.
I hope anyone who is local enough will come along.Apparently it has been widely advertised.


  1. Best of luck Rachael ! Fingers crossed it's worth the panic and that the weather is Good !!
    Sorry we wont be there to support you but look forward to hearing all about it.

  2. Hi Rachael,
    Having just checked the BBC website for the weather there on Sunday, I'm afraid it isn't looking good :(
    However, perhaps a fair wind might blow your way and change that :)
    You're a bit too far away for me to be there but I wish you a good day.

  3. Did it go well Rachael?
    The weather where I am was pretty good yesterday. Hope it was for you too and that you sold lots :)


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